Cassette Review // Eloine + Ypsmael / Coims "split" (Public Eyesore Records)

We start with the Eloine + Ypsmael side and there is this sharp sound coming through with the rumbling like an engine behind it.  This becomes a sound like moaning or grunting, in vocals, and the scraping of a metal rake against concrete.   That sharpness comes back in as well.   This feels like it could be described as harsh ambient.   Some electronics come through, like twisting of knobs, as well.

A deep bass like JAWS comes through now.   This takes us into this creaking sound, like we're walking through a haunted house.  Some acoustic percussion type of sounds now and then electronic messages come through in bursts.   Slowly, the sound returns now, like a glowing hue.   It gets eerie now, as if we're in a basement and about to play a game with Jigsaw.   A slow shaking now, like a broken lightbulb.  

On the flip side, we go into Coims.   This begins with percussion tapping followed by laser synths driving through.   Electronic beats now take over the sound as they bounce around everywhere.  Percussion drops in the background in an intense way.   It sounds as if a saw is scraping now, making those sort of teeth sounds.  Those Pong sounds go up and down the scales as well.

A guitar comes winding through now.  This opens up a louder type of sound saw as well, with that banging which makes it feel like a horror film.   Some sort of instrument, perhaps a sax, is heard blaring through notes as well.   A louder, sharper ringing cuts through the waves.   We dive off into a more ambient sound, but that feeling of drums crashing through the kitchen remains.   Notes ring through now, somewhere between tuning and FNL.

(If you wait for this cassette to end, you will hear some electronic skramz!)


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