Friday, November 10, 2023

Music Review // Ava Della Pietra "talk it out"

Ava Della Pietra has this sound which gets stuck in your head, even after just the first time of listening to a song.   Though this does bring out elements of pop music, a song such as "talk it out" is in this genre all its own where pop and rock meet.   This reminds me a bit of Avril Lavigne in a pop way, but also something like Paramore in that rock way and so this could be on multiple different types of radio stations.

A fast paced song, the lyrics are about exactly what the title suggests and it's the fact that people don't talk any more.   This is true to the extent to looking at how easy (and quick) it is to just block someone on social media and delete their numbers instead of talking.   Not to get too much into the psychology of it all, but they say that when a relationship starts falling apart the first thing to go is the communication.

During this music video, Ava Della Pietra is being painted in the verses and then in the chorus those painters become the musicians who play the song while she sings.  This is an interesting choice for the video, but it does put the focus on her, as the center of attention, while also showing something which is largely non-verbal in the act of painting.   Sometimes when you lose that communication too you feel like you're one of those models where you can't speak and are just observed.

There is a nice break down towards the end of the song in which Ava Della Pietra sings: "Last week you told me I was rare" and then goes on to describe qualities from a relationship perspective.  But the fact is, this song is a rarity as is the overall sound of Ava Della Pietra.   While a lot of music feels one dimensional, listening to a song like "talk it out" feels like we're seeing the future of pop music as it feels multi-dimensional.  

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