Cassette Review // German Army "Biloxi" (SOIL)

"Biloxi" begins with percussion in a rhythm which makes it feel as if we're in the jungle.  This is such a fun way to move though.   This turns into a 1980's style beat, somewhere between a TMNT video game and when Marky Mark took a walk on the wild side.  Sharpness comes through with this and it feels like we're walking through a gritty noir film.   As the beats increase, we turn into a smooth jazz sound just the same.

Songs more like glass cut through next with moans behind them.   This is a similar sound to the first song, but then by the third song we get into this different form of percussion, banging and moaning through the fog.   It's so steady, yet also just has that blacksmith way about it where someone is hammering metal on metal.   Tones come out like magic now and take us away as the song ends.

We go into a song now where it feels like it's raining and it just reminds me of that one part of "Riders on the Storm".    This takes us into a more electronic song, though it feels like the percussion is acoustic there is this winding, horror or synth and other sci-fi type tones coming through.   Suspenseful strings also make their way into the sound.  

On the flip side it begins a bit ominously and then the beats come in like techno.   There is singing within this song now and it feels like The Folk Implosion mixed with INXS.    We dive deep into an instrumental song now, which feels like going into the basement and having this winding trip that's somewhat haunted.  

The sound becomes more chill now, with little bird lasers and it has that same idea as the haunted sound just without sounding as haunted.   And now the distorted beats begin to rain down like thunder.   This feels like an electronic storm.   This all becomes ambient now and atmospheric.   We return with the sound of an electronic video game carnival.   This sound just takes us out as we fade into the night.  


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