Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Music Review // Norma MacDonald "Comes In Waves"

The sound of Norma MacDonald on "Comes In Waves" is one of an upbeat pop folk with dark undertones.   Musically, there are times when this song sings "doot doot doot" and the music follows right along with it.  But that doesn't make it any less serious or solemn.   Just as the lyrics follow along with it, the music itself can feel grave.

If you've never really felt anything coming through in waves then I don't know what to tell you about this song.  Sometimes when working retail you can feel the rush of customers come through in waves.    But the idea of this song is about different emotions and just life in general.  Sometimes you feel a certain way and then it changes, like a wave.  As the song itself says, it's the ebb and flow.

Within this song I particularly enjoy the line: "Everything is changing but every day can't help but stay the same".  I like to think of life as like digging a tunnel sometimes.  You have that feeling where you're making progress, you're getting close to the light at the end, but yet still all you can see around you is dirt that looks like all the other dirt you've seen before.   So everything can begin to feel repetitive, yet you are changing and making strides.

Overall I just think this song is pleasant to listen to and can serve as a reminder that life does come in waves.  Whether you're on a good wave or a bad wave now, it will eventually turn and you can just try and ride the best wave you can, making the most of this thing called life.  This song is a sweet way to remember that while also humming a new melody.  

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