Cassette Review // Dennis Young "Red Smoke, Blue Mirrors" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

This cassette begins with a lot of space lasers and distorted bass.   There is some whirring in here as well.  It feels like we're underwater now and it's expanding.   This takes us into the next song, which feels even more like it's in space and can also feel like a video game.   This is all electronics, but it is very heavy on those electronics.   If this wasn't as intense, it'd be ambient and if it had that guitar/percussion behind it then it'd be rock but it's just somewhere in between.

All the ways other music like this might sound are just brought out front in a more distinct way.   Those synth tones, the robotics of it all- it's just so much clearer and more present than what I'm used to hearing in the music.   It can also feel like we're in a movie about space, maybe not from the 1950's but from some time in the 1960's or 1970's at least.  

Everything cuts through wavy now and feels urgent.   While I realize that there are ways of making these sounds it always just reminds me of someone turning knobs because as it grows more intense or just becomes more of a certain way it just feels like the knob is being turned more to the left or right.   Tones come in behind this now which feel haunted and I just don't feel like enough movies have been set in space and scary.  

On the flip side we start right up with some back and forth synths that also just set sail.  This reminds me of Doctor Who a little bit, but it's just this constant moving, which can also make it feel like an old Atari game.   This becomes a song where it just has a strong piano sound now, which can be somewhat solemn.   This can begin to really drift off into space, as those spatial tones come through to support what feels like strings.  

A song comes on next which feels like we just started up an old VHS.  Words are spoken about how we live in a hologram and this music definitely makes it feel like that.   By the end, after the spoken word portion, we just feel like we are lost in space.   There is no end, as the sound which comes last on this cassette just feels infinite.  


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