Cassette Review // COMPACTOR "PROGRESS"

"PROGRESS" begins with electronic beats.  While I've listened to a few COMPACTOR cassettes now, this is less on the harsh noise side right now and more on the electric dance side.  There are moments where bursts of static come through, but they just blend in with the beat and other laser-like sounds coming through also.   This is the dance cassette!  

Tones repeat in a loop now with distorted beats dropping down.  It gets quiet at one point and then everything kicks back in.  This is some great instrumental electronic music, which is perhaps more accessible for people to listen to than the harsh noise usually coming from COMPACTOR.  

On the flip side, the distortion comes through much harsher but there are also beats behind this where it just feels like we're moving.   Somewhere between "Resident Evil" and "Bladerunner", this just feels like the type of sound that would have us moving as the world is ending behind us.   If you're too slow, you will also be erased.  

This final song begins with more of a metallic sound before the beats just kick in and destroy everything.   This is closer to the electronic sound from the first side than the harsh sound heard before this.    Everything swirls up altogether to end and I enjoy that if this was the first time you heard COMPACTOR and you went to listen to other music expecting it to sound like this, you might blow out your eardrums.  


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