Music Review // Jimmy Rankin "Sue St. Marie"

Right away I can hear the sound of Jimmy Rankin as being one you'd find on the classic rock station.   With elements of country and folk, "Sue St. Marie" has a sound like down home Americana.   This is the type of song you hear and think of artists like John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen.  People who sang about the people who listened to their music.

Ultimately, "Sue St. Marie" is a love song about the person in the title.  I know that a lot of songs out there are love songs, but it does also feel like the amount of love songs written about one person and having their name in the title is becoming a lost art.   Yes, you could look at someone like The Beatles and find the names, but since the 21st Century it just feels like the numbers are getting less and less.

This song also has that way about building up the main character, as if they aren't even real.  There are the lines: "Some say she's a dream / But Sue St Marie she is real".  When you think about popular music and movies, they often have these heights which regular people can't aspire to.    So to keep this real just makes it feel more relatable and grounded.

During the chorus and when singing the name in the title, Jimmy Rankin can reach this level of Southern rock n roll.  It's not quite the same as Lynyrd Skynyrd or ZZ Top but it's along those lines.  That's why I feel like from those type of bands to the types like John Mellencamp it just has all those bases covered and can appeal to the most amount of people who enjoy good old fashioned rock n roll.  


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