Monday, November 27, 2023

Cassette Review // Bhajan Bhoy "Shanti Shanti Shanti"

The first sounds on this cassette really come across as these guitars, like something out of 90210 or you'd just hear coming through a cloud of fog.   It's slow, chill and can put you into that trance.   What sounds like a music box now has a sound coming in like you're winding it and for some reason it reminds me of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, which may or may not be what that song is called.  As this first song fades out it sounds like we're in water also.

Words are spoken about revolution before the next song comes on.   It feels like dub, as these beats make you want to dance and at the same time it's just so fun.  In contrast to the first song, this feels much the opposite because it's just so lively.   They are also talking about being Rasta and I recently heard this reggae show on the radio (the local college station) and thought it was great and want to get into more reggae.

An audio clip now is telling us a story as music comes in the back.  The music is fading in and out, pulsating synth, as the audio clip is talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   This takes us into an upbeat song with a synth sound that has one person saying "Kosmos" and another person, a child perhaps, saying "Klub".   

On the flip side we begin with this trill, a bit like rambling and there are other sounds in here I can't quite place.   Singing comes in as a chorus and this is a very uplifting song now, full of harmony.  This song ends with some heavy breathing and then a solid drone comes through to start the next one.   Sharper sounds come through as do more alien-like tones.   This all breaks down into a chorus singing a song which sounds like 1950's rock n roll, but the percussion is still banging.  

An audio clip now says "All right, Scott.  You can come with me.  But don't get your hopes up.  Because it's a dirty life".   This takes us into this sound which is part western and part Tarantino film soundtrack.   I can see both "Pulp Fiction" and if "Pulp Fiction" was a cowboy movie in this song.   The audio clips are back and are talking about fifty thousand dollars.    He says they're looking for him all over Arizona and gun shots can be heard as he speeds away.  

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