Thursday, November 16, 2023

Music Review // Apryll Aileen "In These Flames"

When this song first starts it's singing with some light piano behind it.  This entire song just has the vocals at the front and they very much carry the sound.   It's lighter in the verses, but during the chorus it kicks in to where the vocals sound like a chorus as well.  But throughout the whole song, the biggest focus seems to be on the vocals.

This music video is interesting because the song is about keeping secrets but wishing you could tell them to the other person.  So we have someone sneaking around, checking the other person's phone, taking sneaky photos of them and just spying on them with binoculars.   This partly makes me feel like the main character is checking to see if her partner is cheating on her and it at the same time just makes me feel like she's a super spy.  

By the end of this music video, the person doing all this spying and collecting these photos, puts them into a trash can and sets them on fire.   Is the message of this video and song that ignorance is bliss?  Is it one of those things where it's okay if your partner has secrets as long they don't affect you or you'd just rather just stay in the dark and be happy?  I'm not sure.   But it definitely gives you a lot to think about.

The sound of Apryll Aileen on this song ranges from something in the 1980's like Cyndi Lauper to something closer to modern like Taylor Swift (specifically thinking of the "Out of the Woods" song)  But regardless of the timing of this song, it has a universal message that can withstand the tests of time.  The music is also very powerful and could make for a nice anthem.  

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