Friday, November 17, 2023

Music Review // Kodiak Arcade "Another Summer"

Kodiak Arcade creates this dreamy rock sound that isn't like anything else out there.  If you isolate just how the rock itself sounds then it can feel a bit like Coldplay or some radio band along those lines.   But as you listen to this- right from the start- there ae these trill beats and it just feels electronic.  That is an added layer that other artists out there just don't have.

In music I find that people tend to write songs based on seasons for the start of the season.   A song could be about the beginning of summer and how everyone is looking forward to going to the beach.  But "Another Summer" is an end of summer song and just in the way that summer is over and that's sad but in the way that it looks forward to the next summer.  I'm sure I've heard lyrics do this before either.

As the song asks "Will we have another summer" there are also lines like "No guarantees between us"  This makes it feel like there was a relationship during the summer, summer has ended and now the person singing isn't sure if the relationship will last until next summer either.   There is also the idea of being "Cool For The Summer", which we'd see a lot in "Saved By The Bell" and summer camp movies.

This song might be about a relationship surviving the fall, winter and spring, but it also might just be about a summer romance and wondering if you go back to that camp again next year to be a counselor will the other person still be there and if they are will they still care.    "Another Summer" is big, like an anthem, and it has a message that I feel like we can all relate with at some point in our lives.  

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