Cassette Review // Michael Potter "Michael Potter & Friends" (\\NULL|ZØNE//)


A great guitar rip begins this cassette.   It just drones and cuts through the surface.   While this feels trippy, it also feels as if it could be ringing through like metal.   There is a definite Black Sabbath vibe to this.   This really begins screeching as it gets moving now.   As much as this is droning, it's also just moving at a steady pace.   It can begin to feel like it's screaming now and the guitar is becoming really high pitched in the electric notes.  

As that all comes crashing down, we go into a number now which feels like it has a violin playing a sad song.   This feels like something from Lord of the Rings, as it just has that sound, and the overall sound just feels like it's out of medieval times.   There's a rambling in here, but it just feels like the type of sound where there is a lute present.   I imagine we are presenting this before the king.   

The back and forth trill of notes comes through now as well.  Waves can be heard crashing in the background, along with other magical sounds.   This feels like it's telling a story I don't fully grasp but it definitely feels like there are dragons in it.   A dreamy, acoustic strum comes in now.   It's amazing how this starts at a certain time frame but by the end I'm imagining we're drifting off into space.  

On the flip side we open with this sound like a motor and delicate string plucks which make me think of FIM.   Whooshes come through now.   This grows louder and sharper.   When those harsh parts aren't coming through this can all feel quite relaxing.   Those delicate strings can also begin to really gain some steam as I hear something which resembles percussion as well.  A tapping, if you will.   It flies in that FNL way now.  

That trill is in here as well, which was heard on the first side, but everything just grows up so loudly together that it isn't as easy to hear it this time.   Then all of a sudden more distinct notes come through and interrupt everything.  It sounds as if someone is speaking behind this as well, as it grows frantic.   As this all gets wild, you can hear those notes like tuning instead of this just absolute guitar tornado.

Guitar notes take us back and forth before finding that way of sort of winding like a country song.    From all of that sound, things slow down and we begin to isolate just one of the guitar notes patterns- which can also feel like a banjo- and it just feels like it's so down to earth, like Americana, as it plucks its way to the end.   A sound like a prize wheel being spun leaves us in the ambient air.  


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