Monday, November 13, 2023

Cassette Review // Concrete Colored Paint "Competing Interpretations" (Cefalu Tourist Information)

Slowly, this starts quietly as if it is in deep in the bass and background.   Beeping comes into this and then the first part fades out.   Ambient FNL tones take over now and you can just feel this one drifting.  It's relaxing.  Yet at times it can also feel like an alarm.   Up from the doom now we grow.  Sounds like scraping and sounds expanding can be heard.  

The sound completely disappears, to where I think the first side is over, but it comes back like air coming down a tube.   It gets a little bit windy in here.   There is a steady air about this sound now.   As the song goes on, it can begin to feel like things are slowly falling apart and as such this brings this side to an end.

On the flip side we start with this ambient droning sound which eventually has soft tones come into it.  This goes on for a little while, but then ends.   The sound comes back much louder, with much more force.   A singing, almost like a chanting, comes through with this as well.   It sounds like rain now as we drop off into that distorted sound.  

Piano keys come out next as you can hear soft singing, making this song feel angelic.   Quieter, this fog rolls through as the sound of electric water pours.   This all feels like it's going on this straight line, but by the end it shifts upwards to reach the grand finale.

This is one of the most unique cassettes I have ever received.   The packaging itself is just interesting because of how there is space for the cassette in the case but these other spots as well.  There is no streaming for this on Bandcamp, but rather a password protected website, which the password is provided for.  

When you enter the C.T.I. website, there is audio to be found and it appears if the cassette in a physical sense is sold out.  This case is called a "wallet case" and it says there will also be a gift from the artist, which I'm assuming is the stones.  This whole packaging just makes such a beautiful piece of music even more special.  

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