Cassette Review // Vlimmer "Zersch​ö​pfung" (Blackjack Illuminist Records)


After hearing Vlimmer enough times, it begins to feel like what you're hearing on each new cassette is just Vlimmer because it becomes more comparable to previous cassette releases than it does to other artists and sounds.   This cassette begins with some X-Files sounds and just truly captures the spirit of darkwave.

To call this cassette "goth" would be a good idea, simply because it seems to encompass a lot of ideas which fall into that genre.   At times this feels haunted, but then big beats can come in to make it feel both operatic and anthem like.   In this way, I begin to think of Muse.  I also begin to think of how this is post punk.

There are electronics throughout these songs, at different times, as well.  The pace can grow faster and really take you on quite the ride.  I feel elements of Stranger Things on the flip side and it's funny how both that series and X-Files have become two of my staple go-to sounds.  The sound can put me into a trance as much as it can make me want to get up and dance.  Big synth bombs drop.  

By the end, I really feel like there is a Danny Elfman vibe to this.  If you think about all of the many things Danny Elfman has done- from Tim Burton movies to Oingo Boingo to the theme from "The Simpsons"- it really does span a vast amount of space.   But it feels like it's also such a specific space.   Vlimmer feels that same way, as it can be diverse in sound but that sound can all be tied back within the same realm.  


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