Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Music Review // Carleton Stone "Fences"

Carleton Stone has the sound of building pop on "Fences", which can start off slower but by the end just feels like an anthem.  It's got that drive of rock but it's got that melody of pop.  There aren't a lot of other artists out there today who sound like this, but I could definitely hear this as a radio song.

The premise of the lyrics is quite interesting and one many artists don't entertain.  The title comes from the idea of being hurt in a relationship and thus building a fence around your heart.  But, these lyrics also just come from a place where this is the best relationship this person has ever had so rather than end it they're not going to give up on love.

While I realize this can be about two people who are in love, maybe even get married, I also like to think, since this is a song and there is a lyric about the band breaking up, about this from a musical perspective.  I think of an artist like Scott Weiland, who started with Stone Temple Pilots, they broke up and he did solo records and Velvet Revolver while his former bandmates did Talk Show.   But it turned out that they worked best together and ultimately STP reunited before his death.

So there certainly are layers to this song, but I think the biggest message to take away is just not to shut down lines of communication.  Don't give up on something if you're truly passionate about it- whatever it is- because it might just end up working out in the end.   More music needs to promote a message of not giving up, so this is definitely a song which should be in your regular playlist.  

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