Cassette Review // Ambigere ""

We begin with an audio clip and some windy distortion.   This quickly turns into a buzzing, like a chainsaw, and then there are harsh electronics scrambling around.   This is just constant punishment now, the distortion hitting fast and nonstop.   Some singing can be vaguely heard in the background as well.   Through the deep distorted darkness, the electronics squeal.  

This flows up and down now, as if we're climbing up something and then falling back down.  I remember that old Spider-Man Atari game and how it would sound when climbing and falling, and before this song comes to an end I hear those Atari type tones in here somehow.   We return with this rhythm like an industrial song.   This feels like something off of the "Resident
Evil" soundtrack, beats and all.

On the flip side we open with what sounds like a child's creepy voice telling us not to be scared and not to run away because they just want to play a game with us.  Distorted beats come in like a broken engine and this is all unsettling.   We quickly open up this slipstream of noise now.  Screaming can be heard behind it as well.  The chase is on.  

It gets higher pitched now, like knobs turning, but that distortion still follows us.   Once again, we're squealing as if we're putting the brakes on or taking sharp turns.   A humming drone now.   Upbeat music comes through now with deep bass singing.  It feels like rock n roll that got possessed by the devil.   Just when you think it might be done, some creepy singing comes on.

This is such an interesting cassette because I only know it's Ambigere because it's written on the cassette itself.   But the cassette and case are both just solid black with no j-card or other markings which would make it something which could be identified.   I've linked the Ambigere Bandcamp page but this feels like something you'd have to send a message about or get in person.  


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