Cassette Review // R. Bravery "i see you HOLY. (beat-tape)"

This begins with these magical tones, like windchimes in Heaven, and then the beats kick in.   There is a little bit of a slip within this rhythm and I dig it.   Something dreamy is behind this as well, and overall the feeling is just chill.   The synths begin to build now for the next song and this one feels like a dance number.

Tones slowly drone in now.   Beats come in and this feels serious.   There is a certain amount of tension within this song.  

On the flip side we open with beats and words being spoken, which gives off more of a hip hop feel.   Whirrs come through to where it can feel like it's glitching but this also has that overall vibe of coming out through an old record player.  

Percussion and lighter tones come through now, sort of in a skramz way as the rhythm seems to be slipping.   Cut to the slipstream of vocals trying to come through with a feeling of a music box being wound up in an error somehow.  It's like the record is skipping, but in a music box motion.  

Beats now take over an audio clip about someone working seven days a week but still in debt.   I like how this music can have this message, even though it is mostly instrumental, and hopefully people really listen to it and wonder why we can feel like we're all working so hard for so little reward.  

Glowing sort of synth comes droning through now, as other tones drop in through the bliss.   This feels so chill and it ends the album on a softer note but I'd still like people to be reminded of the message from back when they taught The Grapes of Wrath in school.  


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