Cassette Review // Ceremonial Abyss "Summer Harvest"

Dark tones and strings bring in this immediate feeling of suspense.   This definitely feels both intense and dramatic.   This carries like the score to a film.   Then it turns into these fast paced beats which makes it feel like we're in a sort of spy film (I always think of the show "Alias") but also just in a club dancing at night.   Synth tones come in and create a feeling as if we are driving now, Pole Position style.

We go into this song which just begins looping synths.   It feels like we're stuck in this circle but I like it.   This is my first time really thinking about how much music can be like NASCAR when it's looping because this feeling is what it must be like for the drivers to go around in circles.  Though, I ultimately feel like NASCAR is pointless (as you don't really have a destination to which you are driving) and I don't feel like music is pointless because it's part of the journey.  

An electronic bouncing ball beat comes in now and distorted synths cut through the background.   This all plays out and then on the flip side we have expanding tones which make it feel like we are in space.  These particular keys come in through here as well, which just gives this all such a groovy vibe.  

We get into these deeper bass beats now which sound like early NIN and they have magical tones going along with them.   A ringing echoes through like a siren with these windchimes.   This takes us into this swirling loop which just makes it feel like we are going up into the heavens.   Synth tones come through now which makes this feel more like galaxies and it just makes me think about the vastness of space and how far everything goes.  


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