Cassette Review // Myles Bullen "Healing Hurts"

It's not easy to describe the music of Myles Bullen without hearing it.  The genre is called "grief rap" and on some wide scale way it can remind me of Twenty One Pilots, but overall this is just this way to explore music and feelings through music.  I feel like in life we are allowed to talk about death but we don't really talk about what happens after that.

Death is a part of life but when someone dies those not as close to the person can move on more easily.   If you're really close to someone and they die, you may not ever really get over that.  You may never truly heal.  And that's what these songs are about.   And in that way they are about topics which people don't always want to discuss.

There is singing in here as well as rapping, a ukulele as well as beats.   I also really like the song "Afraid Of Love" because it's about when things are going right and you just know something is going to happen to make it wrong.  That whole idea of living happily ever after is a fairytale for a reason.   But I feel like emotionally, not just for Myles Bullen but for everyone, talking about things such as this is the first step towards healing as much as we can heal.  


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