Friday, November 24, 2023

Music Review // LTtheMonk "Reminder"

LTtheMonk has this great sound because it combines what I listened to growing up on cassettes with something similar that can be heard on the radio right now.  With smooth R&B but fast singing like rapping, LTtheMonk has his own brand of hip hop here and it even borders on pop.  Artists like Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake come to mind.

When I think about the past though, I hear artists such as PM Dawn and Kid N Play.  One thing they all have in common is just the amount of energy and fun there is within the music.  It's that "This Is How We Do It" or Heavy D vibe where regardless of the lyrics you just want to get up and dance during this one.

For me, this song reminds me lyrically a lot of the concept of the "leave behind", which is what you do so someone doesn't forget you.  While that idea comes through lyrically for me, I also can feel it within the music as well.   There is something about this song which just gets stuck in the back of your head so once you hear it you're going to think about it later.

As someone who has heard countless songs, nothing is more frustrating than remembering a lyric or note of music and not remembering where it came from.  "Reminder" is going to get into your head like that, and even if you only listen to it one time, you'll have it planted there and maybe months later wonder "What was that song that did that one thing".  Definitely save this one now and not stress over it later.  

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