Music Review // Daniel Isaiah "Wild Life"

Daniel Isaiah has created a song here using only his voice and a piano.   This is beautiful, soft and elegant.   The vocals come out somewhere between Elliott Smith and The Beatles.  The keys can play for a bit without the vocals, but the singing is really at the forefront of this song.   It's really a focus on the words and what the song is about.

Through "Wild Life", Daniel Isaiah brings out some thoughts that I think many people can agree with.  While stating that he'd like to live a wild life, he also says he wants to "Die a quiet death / In the arms of a melody / To carry me home".  I think living a wild life would imply just living it up, doing the most you can with the time that you have.  I feel like most people do or should want that.

But at the same time, wanting a quiet death feels more like something you'd want as well.  I don't want to go out in this blaze of glory where it's on the news and feels like a big deal.  I want it to be quiet, peaceful.  I want the attention to be drawn to what I did while I was alive and not surrounding my death.

This can also be related with the music, with a song.   You want a song to live on long after you do.  You want your music to have that wild life and to continue living while you quietly fade into the background.  More people probably think about The Beatles for their music than for the fact that John Lennon is dead.  In this way, the "Wild Life" by Daniel Isaiah is one that can never truly die.  


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