Cassette Review // Digital Tour Deb 2023 Cassette (Adaadat)

The thing I love most about this cassette is that it can feel like a label sampler for Adaadat and every song can somehow work being next to each other yet feel so different.  No two tracks on here feel the same, so once you reach that point of knowing which song is by which artist there won't ever be a doubt about who that song is.

Edmnd Davie begins things with spoken words into faced paced electronics and rock.  Big, pulsating beats and sharp synths take us into a song by Agaskodo Teliverek.    DJ 100000000 is electronic hip hop, while Chuo Line sings about really wanting anarchy.   This takes us into a song by Cow'p called "Suk Dik" and it's about exactly what you think it's about.   Technoman is about that bass and has some Salt N Pepa vibes to their sound.

On the flip side we begin with some whirring from Rozenhall, and then it kind of rocks back and forth.   Bruno & Michael Are Smiling with Skipperrr have a screamy electronic skramz sound while Ddamage has more of a video game sound.   The sound then goes into more blissed out electronics, followed by strange electronics with singing.   A synth driven instrumental song that is borderline video game comes on right before Storyteller, who have their own cassette review up.

What really makes this cassette so special- which reflects Adaadat as a whole- is how a song can have electronics and so can other songs but the different artists just use that sound in different ways.  Everything being tied together by one universal theme yet each song having its own identity is what music is really all about.  


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