Cassette Review // Luna Honey & Norman Westberg "Aftermath" (Cacophonous Revival Recordings)


This starts off quietly, somewhat eerie.   As the vocals come in, it reminds me of something from the Island of Misfit Toys, where it just feels broken.   There is this rapid fire beat back there, but this just moves like a crawl.   A chorus of vocals comes in and then we drop off into the light.   There is a certain air about this, where it is ambient but there is singing as well, which doesn't always go together.

As we drift through, it just feels mellow as well.  This is chill, like just floating around in space.   It can feel like meditation, where you'd put it on to just shut out the rest of the world and relax.   Tones come through now which just feel like piano keys and this can have elements of other artists but the way it's coming out just doesn't sound like any of them.   The vocals come through now in more of a laid back 1990's alternative rock way.

On the flip side, ambient waves expand back and forth.   A sound like a sax comes in now and this is just some soothing type of jazz.   Vocals slowly emerge now.   The way that this is just droning makes it feel eerie as well.  There's just this haunted sound among it all.   The singing is soft, like Enya, but overall this has a different vibe.  

Bass notes come in and this could be that smoky bar singing type of sound from the old gangster movies as much as it just feels dreamy.   It gets wavy at the end here, like we're going through a wind tunnel, and you can just feel the pressure mixed with the drive.   By the end this just feels like it fades out into the atmosphere.  


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