Friday, November 17, 2023

Music Review // Millie Milner & The Deadnames "lie"

Musically, Millie Milner & The Deadnames have this indie rock sound that will remind you of an artist based upon how old you are.   Recently, I reviewed a cassette for Everyone Asked About You and I feel like this is along those lines, though I could also trace it back to bands like Discount.  It's just that whole math rock vibe that bordered on skramz back with I Kill Giants and bands along those lines.

One thing I do like about this song is that it really has me wanting to learn more about the word "lie" because as someone who loves words I'm not sure when to always use it properly.  So, there is the word "lie" as in to not tell the truth, but this song uses it in the way which sounds like and resembles "lay", even though you technically are not supposed to "lay in bed" but rather you "lie in bed" (I think)

Grammar aside, this song has a line that says "I made my bed I lie in it" a few times over, which reminded me of Nirvana for some reason.   As I thought about it, I'm pretty sure that Hole says that in one of their songs.   But I don't really feel like there is a strong Hole influence coming out here, definitely more on the Nirvana side.

Either you're going to hear this song and think of some other band you heard once- maybe even in 2005- or you're going to have never really heard music like this before as it's that upbeat / melodic / indie rock with a little something extra, but either way these vocals are going to be unique to your ears as well.  I also really enjoy the lines "When I feel overwhelmed I become a wrecking ball" and I think that's something I might try to start doing.  

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