Music Review // Loose Fang "Goodbye"

Loose Fang are such a unique band because they combine so many different sounds to create something new.   Right away, this has a mix between Bruce Springsteen and The Cure, which might be from the same time period but are still very different artists to hear come out together like this.

As the song goes on, I can hear bits of Tom Petty (especially a song like "Learning To Fly") as well as The Replacements.  It just feels like from a certain point back in time up until now, Loose Fang took a small piece of different artists to form this overall sound.   And it's just rock n roll.  There might be elements of other sounds in it the same way that there would be for Tom Petty, but it's still just rock n roll.

"Goodbye" is also just such a clever song.   They don't actually say "Goodbye" in the lyrics until the very end, when it is time to go.   This song is, lyrically, about two people who aren't meant for each other and they've tried to work it out but they just can't seem to come to an agreement.  So as the lines near the end say: "Our time has come / My heart is spent".   

There is a really nice guitar in here and while this is fundamentally a solid rock song it must also be noted that a lot of why I hear someone such as Tom Petty in here is because of the lyrics.  When you look back at a lot of the rock n roll greats one thing that they do that many artists these days don't is just how the lyrics can feel like poetry.   Loose Fang has managed to capture that sound but that style of song writing all around.  


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