Cassette Review // Parish / Potter "On and Off" (\\NULL|ZØNE//)

Both Michael Potter and Shane Parish are known for their guitar playing, being two masters of their craft.   The interesting thing about this cassette is how there are guitars being used throughout it, but at times it doesn't sound like guitars.   At first it can sound magical but then dive off deep into this dark tunnel.   Notes come through like beeping and this static is behind it, which feels like you could make a guitar do that but it wouldn't be easy (and I wouldn't know how)

Everything begins raining down like thunder during this static and then the notes come back high and rambling, which can bring out a sound like a banjo.   Sometimes the sound can feel like other string instruments, but there are times when I feel like I hear bass in here.   There is this rattling and then the guitars come through electric like Doctor Who and it just makes this overall sound I feel like would be keys and not a guitar, but I can also hear it as other strings such as a violin.

On the flip side, the notes come through more dreamy to start.   This rambles and winds in a way which makes it feel like we've been embarking on a magical journey.   For whatever reason, this sound really makes me think of Lord of the Rings and it just feels like we're on that kind of quest.   The music can then turn into this beeping which feels like an emergency.  The acoustic guitar does this cool thing that acoustic guitars sometimes do but I can never make it do on purpose.   

The difference between the first side and second side of this cassette is that the first side feels more chaotic.   It feels like there are more instruments being used in different ways.  The second side has this feeling of two guitars being played and their journey being laid out from start to finish.  It doesn't really feel like they stray too far from their original starting point, where as the first side is all over the place, and being able to feel both of those journeys is reason enough to experience this cassette.  


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