Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Music Review // The Pairs "Annies Daughter"

The Pairs have this great sound which combines the acoustic with electric.  It reminds me a lot of Counting Crows as there is this overall feeling of just rock in a somewhat country but also folk/Americana way.    There is also just a lot of melody within here though, which takes me back to artists such as Wilson Philips.  

The music video for "Annies Daughter" is a live version of the song inside of a studio.  You can see that three different people are singing- sometimes all at once for those harmonies- and then they also have a backing band behind them.   It just makes for such a full sound, and the vocals make it feel even bigger.

Lyrically this song is about the character in the title and Annie as well.  There isn't really a lot of explanation as to why, but there are apparently problems with Annies Daughter, though some people think she'll be fine.   And the most important thing is that everyone keeps fighting.  Kids are tricky because as parents we worry about them more than we worry about ourselves, so it adds this whole other level to the lyrics.

As a parent, you could very much relate with this song just because it is about a child.  If you're not a parent though, you should still hear the harmonies in here and what happens when different artists come together to form one sound.   They are The Pairs, but in many ways it feels like they have put together a super group of rock.

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