Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Music Review // Rebel Kicks "Past Life"

The sound of Rebel Kicks is infectious.   As soon as you press play, you'll have this feeling as if you might have heard this song before.   Before the song is over, you'll be singing along with the chorus for sure.   Combining rock with pop, Rebel Kicks has a blissed-out sound that doesn't really compare to any other artist out there right now.

When thinking about artists on the radio, for example, who combine elements of pop with rock, most of those artists have songs which feel more upbeat and fast paced.   Rebel Kicks moves at a moderate pace here, with the ups and downs of the song coming through what feels like distortion but is just a wave of joy.   This definitely could be in some sort of -gaze genre, perhaps popgaze if that exists.

"Past Life" has the chorus line of "I think I knew you in a past life", which can also change up to "I think I loved you in a past life".   Even if you don't believe in the whole idea of past lives, there are definitely people out there who you can just connect with like you've known each other forever.   I, myself, am one of the most socially awkward people you will ever meet, but I still have felt this way about people and that just proves there is some kind of underlying connection we don't fully comprehend.

Regardless of whether you've felt this way about someone before or not (and I think the odds would suggest that most people have) the fact remains that this song is just such a slice of pure melody it is hard to deny.   Lyrics aside, this is just a force in and of itself, a song which should be heard and then played for others so they can also fall in love with this sound.   This song could be contagious the same way that a smile is.  

Rebel Kicks play The Cutting Room in NYC this Friday, November 3rd 2023, and tickets can be found here :::

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