Music Review // Andrea England "Halifax"


It's always interested me why people live where they do.  My parents and grandparents even all grew up and stayed within Connecticut.  I only have a few relatives who live outside of CT.   So it's always been one of those things where people didn't grow up and move out of the state so it's always been of interest to me when other people- outside of my family- do and what their reasons are.  

In the case of "Halifax", the reason for moving back and forth seems to be inside of a love song.   Lyrics like "I don't think of you / I don't keep track / I burned up all your pictures / So I can't look back" seem to express that the person has moved on, but then it ends with a line about going back to Halifax which kind of makes it feel like they have not.

For all of the people I've known in my life and my relationships it would be kind of strange for me to live somewhere based upon someone else- strictly in the sense "I'm leaving this entire state because you're in it", but I fully realize that people do just that and it's wild to me.  How far do you go?  You change cities, you change states, then countries... how far is far enough?

Andrea England combines this beautiful melody with what reminds me of music from the 1990's but not any one sound in particular.   It's not quite Natalie Merchant or Alanis Morrissette, but it's somewhere along those lines and definitely feels like it fits in better in that time period than present.   But it is here now, so enjoy it while you can.  


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