Cassette Review // Itch Princess "Filler Guise" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

The sound of Itch Princess is not one that is easy to contain because it has these elements of a certain genre but it trips off into something else at the same time.  What starts off as glitch rock turns into this Nirvana-like bass line with that 1950's/1960's Buddy Holly type of blissed out rock n roll.  

This can bring about strong video game tones, like "Castlevania", but then at the same time there are these Oingo Boingo undertones.  The way this all just feels so chaotic makes me think of skramz but I don't think it's really that.   Before the end of the first side, it slows down a little bit and gets dreamy.

On the flip side we open up with warped pop.   This all just feels like someone is taking a song that is just straight up pop rock but then running it through this blender so it's twisting and turning into a different version of itself.   It's not like a remix but it's something where you have this idea of what it should be and it just gets completely destroyed and comes out as something which, in and of itself, becomes art.


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