My Five Favorite Albums Released in March 2023

Marivon "None of this is Mine"

Marivon seems to have two sides during this album and I really enjoy them both.   At one point, they can be these complex numbers which have vocals that tell stories.   This, to me, feels like someone such as Fiona Apple and it just isn't something which I make enough comparisons to in general.  

At the same time, this album can have songs which just sort of go off musically and many different instruments can be used.   This makes me think of something along the lines of free improvisation jazz or just experimental jazz.   I do enjoy this sound as well, so either way, whichever sound Marivon is projecting on this album, it is one in which you will hopefully find some comfort.  

Meet Me @ The Altar "Past // Present // Future"

There was a time back in the late 1990's and into the early 2000's when I was very much into what could be considered either emo or pop punk.   Bands like New Found Glory, Midtown, Yellowcard- they were all out there making that music that I was constantly listening to.  I'll admit, I don't listen to a lot of new pop punk/emo whether it be an album released by an older artist or a brand new artist, but Meet Me @ The Altar just has this way about them that I like.

For me, this is a sound of nostalgia.  But a lot of times when I hear a new artist who has that pop punk/emo vibe, I just think "Well, this isn't as good as what was happening twenty years ago so why bother".   Meet Me @ The Altar has seemed to find a way to make even a bitter old music writer like me fall in love with their sound as I'm not only reminded of the past but now more hopeful for the future.  

100 gecs "10,000 gecs"

Though this album might be more conventionally standard in terms of the music making than their previous release, there are still parts of it which remind you why you either love or hate 100 gecs.   "Frog On The Floor" is a silly song and "Billy Knows Jamie" feels like it's channeling its inner Bloodhound Gang.   The singles I knew going in were "Doritos & Fritos" and "mememe", which still rock so hard.

Perhaps the most surprising element of this new album is that the song "I Got My Tooth Removed" is about something we all know and love (not going to the doctor until you absolutely have to) and on top of that, it also feels like a late '90's ska song!   Though not as ~out there~ as "1000 gecs", this album is still catchy as fuck and i've quite possibly listened to it more than any other album this year already.  

Lana Del Rabies "Strega Beata"

Lana Del Rabies has been one of my all-time favorite artists as I just feel like not only is it a great name but it's felt like as much of a staple as anything else since I first started listening to music that wasn't on the radio.   Through these songs, Lana Del Rabies brings out industrial sounds with distorted gothic tones.  There are beats that are faster and beats that are slower, but overall this is just mood music.

Though it can be chill or intense, depending upon the song, I particularly enjoy listening to "Strega Beata" while driving down a long stretch of highway at night.  It seems to be the perfect soundtrack for feeling somewhat haunted but knowing you're going to ultimately get home safe.   But be careful, because this sound can also be quite hypnotic and we wouldn't want you to lose focus on the road.  

Softcult "see you in the dark"

        Softcult is this perfect combination of shoegaze and something else.   At times, this EP really reminds me of Metric, so I feel like I'm all in just based upon that.   At other times, it just feels like the shoegaze part of it can push back closer to grunge, as it distorts and feels like it would fit in so well on a mid to late 1990's playlist.  


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