Music Review //
Night Hymns
"Blue Bottle"


The sound of Night Hymns is one of rock n roll.   I don't mean that lightly either.  This is that dreamy, sort of surf, 1950's type of rock n roll that was made popular by artists such as Buddy Holly.  There is a strong sense of "That Thing You Do!" within here as well, which just also further makes the pure melodies pouring out through the guitar feel a bit more like it could be a radio single.  

Though the music itself makes me think of a time before I was born (back to when my Dad would've done this) when music was first really being released as a recording and you could go into the store and buy a record with the hit single on one side and another song as the b-side.  That is one thing I miss about the modern state of music, as I'd love to be able to go into a record shop and see this record as a 7" in there for sale.

At the beginning of this video, it is explained that the "Blue Bottle" is a place but within the song the lyrics are about feeling blue and needing a bottle.  This starts with the lines: "Buy me a bottle / I am feeling blue" and then later turns into: "Give me the bottle / Better give me two".  These two sets of lyrics also come back closer to the end together, as they were separated before that.  

This song certainly has a catchy way about it and there are a lot of people out there who feel down and will try and drown their sorrows in alcohol.   To me, it's a little bit funny because alcohol has the stuff in it to make you more depressed, but people (including me) still drink to try and feel numb to whatever is happening around them.  Maybe now instead of alcohol though, people can turn to this song for comfort in those times.  


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