Music Review //
Ken Howard
"“On the Boulevard” Original Cast Concept Album"

So as this title says, this is the soundtrack to a musical and it is the cast performing it as well.  I know musicals are a big deal, but I've never been to see one outside of maybe like a school play that I've forgotten about.  But when something like "Rent" or "Hamilton" was in NYC I knew people who would go see them and I've just never been to something like that.

What's funny though is as much as I don't like when characters start randomly singing during movies or television shows, I do end up watching a lot of movies and shows that do just that.  It's in a lot of my upbringing with Disney movies, but just so many other things that I don't even think about until I watch it over again.

This is definitely catchy, full of melody and the songs can be short but it is what I imagine people who like this kind of thing enjoy.  I know when "Hamilton" became all the rage people were listening to that soundtrack non-stop and so this isn't completely unfamiliar to me but it does have some distance from what I'm used to listening to in my daily music.

The closest I came to ever seeing a musical was wanting to see "The Toxic Avenger" when it was a musical and Bon Jovi did the music for it.  I wish I was making that up, but it was real and I would've loved to see it.  But the idea of people singing and dancing around while telling their story never really appealed to me.   But to listen to this strictly as music is not bad and I recognize the talent it takes.  


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