Music Review //
"Weaponize This"


Never being one to tell artists how to make their art, I've always felt like if you were going to make a song called "Weaponize This", which is not only a verb title but a pretty harsh one, it should sound exactly like this.  Part of this song just leaves you feeling as if you've been struck by a weapon and that's a good thing.

Through fast paced beats and electronics which borderline on glitch, DEAR-GOD brings forth a sound which reminds me of both The Prodigy and Ho99o9.   On some levels, with the vocals, this can also come out like a B L A C K I E song, just with those electronics behind it.   This is really its own genre, as DEAR-GOD sings "hardcore this/hardcore that".

I like to write a lot about rock songs and electronics in terms of soundtracks, but it just never seems like we hear this type of electronics which remind me of certain movies specifically because this song sounds a lot like it would be played at a rave.  I'm not sure if rave culture still exists, but the thought of it not makes me quite sad.

This song really delivers on everything the title promises.   It's angry.  It's rebellious.  It's the type of song you play when you want to cause a scene.  It's the type of song which also should be played at maximum volume.   And to find something like this, which feels like either a lost art or an art form that never was, just really puts DEAR-GOD in a league all their own. 


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