Music Review //
Billy Rogers
"One Night Only"

Something that has really bothered me since we entered the 21st Century is that it doesn't seem like people who make movies know how to put music into the movies as well as they did back in the 1990's and even 1980's.   The songs are certainly out there, as Billy Rogers proves with "One Night Only", as this could've easily been inserted into a film such as "Empire Records" or "Can't Hardly Wait".   So maybe the movies just aren't the same.

At first this song feels like it has drum machines and there is just this magic swirling around.  A bit like Elvis Costello, but also just one of those solo names you'd find on a stage such as Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel.   The music builds to a really big rock sound by the chorus and it also can just feel overall like there are some elements of The Wallflowers in here.

This song is about exactly what the title says: "We've got one night only".   I imagine some sort of situation where something has to happen to avoid something bad from happening- like the party to raise money to save Empire Records in the movie of the same name.  I feel like maybe movies like that just don't exist any more (partly maybe because record stores don't really exist as much any more) and so I hope this song helps them remember what those movies were like.

Regardless of the connection I feel with this song and film, there is an undeniable energy to it.   Whatever you happen to be doing when you are about to do something, this song could serve as a great way to pump you up and get you into that mood.   Because sometimes all you really can focus on is the now and that's the most important.  


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