Music Review //

From start to finish, this song "Scarp" takes you on quite the ride.  It is instrumental and electronic to the point where it reminds me of a cross between something from the movie "Hackers" and something from the movie "Run Lola Run".   It is fast moving, steady, and just feels like we are on some kind of mission.

I also think of the television series "Alias", as I imagine we have to get into and then back out of a building without being noticed within a certain amount of time.  This song just feels like the clock is ticking and as it goes on, time is definitely running out.  It could almost be like a video game level as well.

But then on the other hand I imagine neon bracelets, giant necklaces and overall just the idea of glowing body paint as this song could feel like it is straight out of a rave.   I'm not sure if raves exist anymore, but I know that EDM dance parties do and this is definitely the type of music I would expect to hear there and see the music lovers moving to.

This song feels a lot like this doot-doo-doo-doot-doo going in a circle, where it's on this loop.  Getting those tones into rhythm in the first place is no easy task- believe me, I've tried- but then I've always felt like once you got them going they're even harder to stop.   So I also really appreciate how much this song just feels like it has a clean stop and everyone should listen until the end for that reason.