Music Review //
The 12th MAN
"End Of The World"

At one point or another I feel like we've all thought about the end of the world.  I think we all secretly want it to happen in our lifetime because we don't want to feel like so much is going to go on long after we are gone.   That might be how people have felt throughout time, but then there is also that downside where our art doesn't live on as long.   People won't hear your songs 200 years from now if the world ends in your lifetime.

The 12th MAN brings forth a sound that starts off slow and grows gradually but still feels like a power ballad.   There are these certain notes which ring through like P.O.D. while at other times it just feels like the slower side of Filter.   It's rock, but there are those underlying elements of metal within it and I do enjoy that it seems to be laced with that.

While the song certainly sounds like it could be the soundtrack to the world reaching its end, there is also this accompanying music video which is just fantastic.  Animated through an artsy style, there are many images to see move through here and this just feels like it's going fast.   I used to watch MTV before going to school and I would've loved to see this video every day to pick something new out of it.

The world might not end in our lifetime.  It might take thousands of more years.  Although a meteor could come tomorrow and we could all explode on impact.  In that way, in that uncertainty, I think that the world ending is similar to us personally dying because you never know when it might and so you just need to live it up while you can.  


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