Cassette Review //
Illusion of Safety

This cassette begins with a dark drone.   Sounds come through in a back and forth way, but then they turn into this almost speaking but in a demonic way where it feels like monsters are being summoned.   Other sounds echo this idea of it being a bit on the demonic side, as it just feels like we're in the abyss but also we are not alone.

Some tones come through which simply remind me of electricity but this one all around just feels haunted, as those guitars pierce through as well.   This takes us into a song where those frequency whirrs go back and forth before a little bit of sharpness comes in  It then gets a lot louder and just begins ringing throughout.  

Back and forth, we go from these drones and whirrs like a radio frequency- the beeps like droids make even- but then it can just as easily feel fully electric as shots of lightning come through.   It can slow, quiet down to where it feels rather minimal.   We then drift off, as if we've just become space.   More ambient now, as it begins to sound like soft bells.   This generates a ringing drone now.  

Tones come through now, slowly exchanging glances back and forth.   Behind this comes a higher pitched sound now.   It's just holding steady in that drone way.   Some static in the background can sound like voices and then those higher pitched tones just take over the entire sound.   Waves just sort of fade out to end the first side.  

On the flip side we start with high pitched electronics and the sound of tones cutting through, almost as if they are scurrying.   Back and forth, there is some hollow glass ringing now with whirrs.   That sharp lightbulb type noise is coming through now, as it also feels as if we're just dropping off into space.  There is a sense of panic within this sound now as well.

There is almost a feeling now like a swarm of bees is coming to attack us, but it still feels as if it is set in space.   But then it slows down, the soundtrack to a flickering lightbulb now.   Minimal electronics with that static coming back through like vocals again.   Everything gets slowed down, somewhat muted and it just feels overall trippy as the back and forth now feels like a jaw harp.  

The sounds swirl around now, giving off that trance vibe.   Dropping off into darkness now, it feels as if we've reached that abyss of distortion as it all comes to a close.   This cassette can be something that you listen to and hear various sounds but they all come together and you can really just feel like this is such a strong experience throughout.