Music Review //
Jared Mattson
(Company Records)

We open up this album with spaced out beats, disjointed.  It feels like they are being birthed and launched into space, one by one, but in a Doogie Howser type of fashion as well.   This takes us into a strong bass line with some clapping on the second song, "Please Come Here".   The percussion finds the rhythm and there are whirrs behind it as well.   Vocals kick in and it just begins to feel a little bit groovy.  

"Burn Down Babylon" starts with a line about being punched in the face last night and it just takes on these sort of ska guitar chords with the feeling falling somewhere between Flaming Lips and a jam band.   This takes us into a similar style of song, as it still feels like quite the trip.  "Don't Run" feels crunchy somehow, but then comes in really dreamy.   The song trails off a little bit and then gets these magical wind chimes in it.  

"Life Could Be So Much Better" is one of my favorite songs on here, as it's twisty, psychedelic and has these bass notes drop which remind me of something Porno For Pyros might have done if their songs were slower and more drawn out.    "Dry" has these funky guitars riffs which almost make it sound like reggae.   "Nish Nish Tahee Loosh" has these "Empire Records" sounds about it.

Through rock with tones and dream pop, this all comes to an end with a little swirly outro.   Part experimental, part psychedelic, this album is 100% fun.  It may sound like one thing at first, but if you let it play all the way through and really get into it, you'll take quite the trip.  And it is a trip worth taking.  


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