Music Review //
Alex Exists
"Dancing With Chaos"

Bringing a lot of energy right away to this song, Alex Exists has this way about the sound that feels like a synthwave type of band, something like Bloody Knives, but then also can also have this electronic and goth feel about it as well.  Blending these genres really makes this song more powerful, as it stands out from most everything else out there right now.

As this feels like an anthem, it has the title in the chorus and I just feel like the overall vibe of the song is about what the title says as well.  There are times in our lives when things get out of control and perhaps even feel overwhelming.   But rather than sit in the corner and wait for it all to blow over, people like me choose to just ride that wave and embrace all that is happening even though it might be chaotic.

During this music video you mostly see who I assume is Alex Exists singing this song, playing the guitar and having a lot going on in the background and beyond.  Those black and white swirls which seem to hypnotize come in with other images that could be considered trippy but also remind me a little bit of "A Clockwork Orange".  This song being about chaos and the images you'll see during the music video (such as the fire) just compliment each other so well.

One of the more complicated parts of life is that no one ever teaches us how to deal with chaos.  When you really think about it, school is very organized and we very much are taught how to do things- how to handle life- in an organized manner.  But real life is not always organized and so to have this song playing while you're in chaotic mode is definitely a valuable part of life.  


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