Cassette Review //
Grace Scheele

"Landings" begins with some strings pushing through until piano chords strike a deep space.   There is an audio clip in this first song as well about going into space.   Deep bass notes crash, piano keys are isolated and the audio clips confirm we will be putting a man on the moon, which just goes to show the over-confidence of the government.  

Electronics have this ascending and descending way about them before the strings once again come in.   Everything going on together does feel like it has something to do with a space launch.  A countdown now.   This takes us to where the audio clip says "We have liftoff" and that sound is heard.

After a loud ringing we are hearing from Apollo 11 now.  Piano notes slowly come in to enhance the seriousness of it all.   It feels as if there and wind chimes blowing now and the lovely strumming of something such as a harp at the same time.  This just feels so angelic until darker tones come in.   The "one small step for man" audio clip is repeating as the strings go dark and then return in a flutter.

Strings feel more familiar in the whirrs behind them as the audio clip tries to join the world together as one.   We keep hearing the audio clip about doing things not because they are easy but because they are hard and then the piano comes on rather loudly.  

On the flip side we open up with the tones which almost feel like drone but instead create this fun pattern almost like a carousel.   These beeps will go up and down, but also travel in a circle.   This all takes us into the next song which starts more with a gallop, like we're doing a dance with these piano tones.  

At this point during the waltz, the strings come cutting through, screeching.   Through some back and forth now, these sounds just feel as if they are swaying, though they also can just create this rhythm which will put you in a trance.  The strings sound like the shuffling of chairs across a room.  

As that all feels like it just drifted off into space, we return with the sounds of sonar and sharp strings but muted in the background.   The notes begin this great succession and it feels intense.  Almost like a banjo now, we're off and running.   It feels like a magical ringing now.  Strums come from behind to try and mellow it out, but it persists.  It all magically flickers off like this into the distance as the cassette ends.  


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