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Magna Zero
"The Great Nothing"

At first, the sound of Magna Zero comes through for me like a cross between Local H and At-The-Drive-In.   These elements remain throughout the rest of these songs, though they aren't always as strong, and there are definitely other influences coming into play here as well.   "Endure", for example, reminds me of The Velvet Underground and then as we get into "The Singularity" it feels more like Pink Floyd.

The music can often be psych/trippy and there are also just some good old fashion hard classic rock rockin' parts as well.  "Under The Dirt" opens up with these big crunchy blues guitars and tells us how no matter how much money we have we're all going to the same place in the end.   With powerful guitars, "Oblivion" has this big distortion which feels metal, like Metallica or Black Sabbath, and that just overall adds to the range on this rock album.

We go back to the dreamy/trippy sounds on "Step Into The Light", while "Eat You Up" highlights those Local H qualities once again.   "Behind The Sun" is a slower and a bit trippy, but this album has definitely been a showcase of guitar solos as well.  Not to be outdone, there is a big bass line to start "We Are All" and then the big distortion brings us into "Dark Matter".   Everything feels like it comes together for the final song.

Though I certainly suggest taking these lyrics to heart, there is also this way about "The Great Nothing" where it just feels like more music than lyrics.  Somewhere between classic rock, grunge, metal and what came after grunge, Magna Zero seems to hit on all the right rock notes.  More so than just listening to this in a musical way, I think the way that this music makes me move just really says it all.  


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