Cassette Review //
Sensational x The Dirty Sample
"The Spot Rocker"
(Hand'Solo Records)

I've been listening to a lot of Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul lately, so I'm hearing those two influences in this sound and that might be due to my overload on it all.  The first song is called "Blamp" and it is a word used as a sound during the chorus.   As we go into "Bust (Showtime)" it feels a bit more like Nas, which is also nice.

"Shit Get Bonkers" comes about halfway through the album and it has this interesting beat, but feels like what you would play when things get a bit out of control.  The way that the lyrics- the theme of the song- combines with that same vibe of the music itself creates something truly special.  "Shit Get Bonkers" isn't even that hard of a song, it's just more reflective.

An audio clip about sleeping until after noon comes on now and it does get quite wild here, whether this is the end of six or start to seven I'm not sure.   This takes us right into the next song, "The Best (Success)", which is about exactly what it says.    This turns into "The Beat Goes On", which feels like murder music right from the start.   Several references to "Peanuts" on this cassette now as well.

"Diamonds in the ring / fucking bling".    This cassette just seems to get harder as it goes and the Outro even has some nice beats, which make it feel like we're moving and grooving.  There is a bonus track on the digital version (which is not on the cassette) but the cassette does have that instrumental Side B and that's just fun to listen to whether you want to practice your rapping skills or just zone out and chill.  


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