Cassette Review //
Danny Pound
"Old-Light Painting"

This cassette begins with a lot of delicate acoustic guitar notes being played.   These light sounds floating around feel rather dreamy and this just has an overall feeling about it where you could be hanging out in the clouds while listening.   The notes cut into chords and it feels a bit louder at times, not as relaxing, as it could disturb you from your almost nap-like state.

Sometimes this can sound more like acoustic guitars and other times it pushes through those notes into chords.   At one point, there is a song that feels more like a country / Desperado way, as I imagine someone walking around with spurs on their cowboy boots.  The pace can be slow and drawing, but can also speed up to where it feels like we're running.

Truly, this cassette is an example of Danny Pound using an acoustic guitar to its full potential.   While it can seem as if the idea of an acoustic guitar can be enough to create a genre all on its own, people often overlook the sounds which can come from any guitar and put that music into different genres and even cross genres within the songs.  

Throughout this cassette though that sound of the acoustic guitar remains, which brings all of these songs together as one.  You can put this on at almost any time and either feel calm or like you have to get things done.   At times this can sound like the acoustic guitar part that is about to take us into some grunge era song, but never does it feel as if it is lacking anything as this sound is definitely big enough to stand on its own.  


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