Cassette Review //
"Halo Castration Institute"
(Redscroll Records)


If I could use only one word to describe this cassette it would be unrelenting.  From start to finish, Intercourse backs you into a corner, begins throwing punches and doesn't let up until they say so.  This sound isn't a punch to the face though, it's more like a full on onslaught.  Trapped, you can only escape this when the cassette comes to an end and not a second before.

Somewhere between Suicidal Tendencies and Hatebreed, Intercourse travels across the sounds of hardcore, metal and even punk to bring something new, something old and a sound I believe they can truly call their own.   This is loud, this is in your face and this is what modern hardcore/metal music should be like in every aspect because I'm fine listening to it but I think those not familiar with it might be made uncomfortable.

And if you want to talk about your comfort level, let's do just that.   Intercourse has a song on here called "My Own Personal 9/11", which right away might offend some people based upon the title.   This is a political song but it's my kind of politics because it calls out everyone.  Whether you're "conservative" or "liberal", Intercourse cares not and sees right through you.  I think it's time we stop subscribing to the two party system and take this country back.

If you don't want to feel so political (and you really should because these things needed to be said) then you can always go back and forth between lines like: "I'm a bitter fucking loser" and "I'm a taxpayer and a small business owner".   These may or may not be related, but I'm glad I can only relate with one of them.  There is also a similar duality later on, going back and forth between being a god or a monster.

Intercourse also questions which is the true religion and I've always felt like if there was one true religion which made the most sense and was just so solid no one could dispute it, everyone would be like "Oh yeah, that one" and we'd have it.  But we don't.   So maybe the biggest take away here is just to try not to be a piece of shit, but if you are a piece of shit, well, there are definitely worse people out there so just try to do your best.  


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