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Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard brings up good points after a breakup with the song "Storage" and in that "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" way this also makes me feel like people should be more like computers.   For our brains to act like the hard drive on a computer, there should be a way for memories to be erased the same way a program can be removed from your computer.  Our minds should also be able to defrag, but that's another story.

Anyone who has ever been through a painful breakup knows there are things left behind in your mind as reminders.   It might be something you see when you're back out in the world or it might just be a thought.  A song, perhaps, comes on the radio and you remember that as being their favorite band.   You don't want to hang onto these things, as this song says, "wish I could ignore it", but they just seem to linger.

With only his voice and a piano sound, Conor Maynard takes us through what feels like a painful ballad.  This music video is spent with him sitting in front of his bed, singing the song, and sometimes after a breakup that's all we can do-- we can't be bothered to even leave our bedroom.  But those thoughts, they remain and in time we might forget them but we certainly do wish we could speed up the process.

As we are reminded of computers, there is the line: "I'm out of storage".  I fully believe our brains have a limited capacity to store information, so when you learn something new you forget something older that you might not use a lot.    This song definitely gives the idea that we should be able to pick and choose what information we wish to retain and I'm somewhat surprised it hasn't happened yet because it seems likely everyone has those little tidbits that stick with them they wish didn't.  


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