Music Review //
Judd Harris
"Take Me Down"

Judd Harris has found the sound of the beach.  Somewhat acoustic, somewhat ska, this just sounds like the type of song you would hear someone playing at a beach party or in Hawaii.  And since it is about the beach, it makes sense that it would have that overall vibe to it.  Sunshine and no worries is the theme here.

At first, this song asks the question "How did we end up living this way" and then goes through a series of choices we've likely taken in our lives and have likely also not made us happy.  And I think that's the idea of this song: it's not that we're not happy, it's that we did what we thought we were supposed to do in life but don't feel like the results match our expectations.

So the answer here is to come live at the beach.  Surround yourself with the water, sunshine, sand, drinks and no cares in the world.  There is a music video for this song as well, which is part real life and part animated and it feels like it really sets the mood.  On one hand, having life animated just feels unreal but it also makes it feel more magical.

Though at the same time, we must recognize that not everyone is made for beach life and as a reality it might not do.  There might be some other reality out there for you which exists that you should be living in instead of binge watching tv, but that might also just be something for you to decide.  


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