Music Review //
Tara MacLean
"Lay Here in the Dark"

"Lay Here in the Dark" is a song about riding out the storm and often times this just feels like something we all need to hear.   Things might reach a low point in your life, but if you just wait it out and make it through it all, then it will get better.   As the old saying goes "Nowhere to go from here but up" or "When it feels like you're going through hell, keep going".

With elements of Alanis Morissette and Snow Patrol, Tara MacLean creates a song which is relaxing and mellow.  If you happen to be going through it, listening to this song might help ease that burden as it certainly feels like an anthem to surviving.   The lines: "And when the ground falls beneath me I'm going to fight / I'm going to hold onto the edge for dear life" feel particularly crucial.  

The title of this song comes through with the end line of: "until it gets light", just making it feel like we're really going to weather the storm.  This music video is in black and white, so the dark parts are really dark and as it goes on it does get brighter.  It does also involve lying in bed, as the title suggests, and by the end you have that feeling of being able to get out of bed and back into the world- back into the light.

One of the things I really love about this song is that it simply states that you're going to be in the dark until it gets light.  Far too often we're hit with these bouts of depression or grief and it means we're out of society.  But you can't ever say that it'll take a day or a week for you to feel better.  It just sort of happens whenever it happens.  I think this song can help stop that stigma of only taking one day off for mental health and realizing it takes however long it takes.