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Don Brownrigg & Terra Spencer

The sound of Don Brownrigg and Terra Spencer begins with these soft acoustic feels.  Don Brownrigg has the vocals at first, through the verses as Terra Spencer joins in on the chorus.  By the end of the song though it switches over to where Terra Spencer is on the lead vocals.   This is a nice way to duet and the sound is better for it.

In addition to saying things, this song also has lyrics about other actions such as fighting, which we are instructed to do, "Though you know it might bruise you".  I like these ideas throughout the song but the first set of giving "like you have plenty" really kind of hit a chord with me because so often everyone wants to judge by whether or not you give to charity but not everyone has enough to do that.

At the beginning of this song, the idea is to say whatever is on your mind and I think that is important.   If you feel something at some time, it's best not to let it build up for years because even though you might be able to let it out one day, what if you can't?  All of that emotion building up within you isn't good.  By the end though, we have the line which cleverly goes against that by saying: "You can't say your heart can't be broken".

While this song might remind me of Jack Johnson at first, it takes a winding turn into a more country/Americana feel as it goes on.   It's soft and calm, so I like that because it's not overly anything (such as how country can get that twang at times) and while you can just sit outside on your porch on a warm summer night listening to a song such as this, it can also really make you think about things that maybe you didn't think about before.  


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