Cassette Review //

The first side of this cassette consists of two different things happening at the same time.  On one hand, there is the music- mostly guitar based- and on the other hand is an audio clip with the music which seems to be someone talking about our emotions and just deep diving into them in a clinical type of way.   Both the music and the words make this feel like it could easily accompany a film.

While the guitar notes are dreamy and ambient, taking up entire rooms with their space, they cross the borders into post rock and by the end come through in just this ringing and even rattling way.   The audio clip discusses anger, largely, and how anger comes from fear.  It also discusses how men are conditioned to not feel emotions, anger leads to grief and boys don't cry.  so that grief gets bottled up and comes out in the wrong ways.  

At first it feels like the louder voice on the flip side is the one doing the talking in a patient way, but it eventually reveals itself to be more like the doctor as well.  Guitars are now joined by pianos on this side to create this ambient waltz.   The audio clip is buried a little bit deeper behind the piano here, so it's not easy to tell what it is about but it does feel like it is about anxiety and not carrying the burdens of others around with you.

The pianos come crashing down like the end of the world, but then return more desolate and the audio can be heard more clearly.  I really like how the music and words reflect upon each other here, as it feels like we all have things we are going through and sometimes just listening to music (or making it) can help us on our journey.  Sometimes, just knowing we're not alone in how we feel is enough to help us get by.