Cassette Review //
Frank Hurricane
"Shrympin At Normal's Books & Music"

First off, what little I can find out about this cassette is that it was released on Hidden Vision Records.   However, when I find HVR via Facebook and try to access their website I get an error message.  I can't find a link for this cassette on Bandcamp either, so all I can do is link the Bandcamp of Frank Hurricane.   For the record, I bought this cassette at Willimantic Records so maybe your local record store will also have it.

This is a live cassette, as the title says, and it begins with a song of those acoustic guitar blues sounds.   This leads to a story being told by Frank Hurricane about a pistol and water being poison.  The way that this story is told between songs is something which feels like you'd get at the live experience but not by streaming on Bandcamp, for example.

Before the end of the first side of this cassette there are also some trippy tones, which are also something I think you could only get by listening to this cassette and not so much the other non-live music of Frank Hurricane.  

The flip side opens up with Frank Hurricane saying "Let's hear it for __" and then naming the other acts.   Frank Hurricane is discussing crackers and White Castle now.   These songs are all very inspired and I think as a musician, especially of the blues kind, you need to not only have stories to tell but interesting and unique stories to tell.  Frank Hurricane definitely has those stories and all the musical talent in the world to back them up.